Read | 15. Feb 2021

Why No Penny Is Wasted On A Good Nanny

While discussing the education rules at the Cambebridge´s household (as in: Catherine and William raising, among others, the future king of England) - it came up that certain words are not allowed to be used by their nanny.

The young woman, exquisitely trained by an institution called the "Norland College", should never refer to the children as "kids", nor should she classify any of their behavior as "naughty".

I immediately wanted to learn more about those rules, the "Telegraph" listed them carefully, also mentioning some of those children (not "kids") who came into favor of upbringing by one of those precious employees, from the Jaggers´ to princesses like Eugenie to some Oligarchs. One would definitely need some money, around 40.000 pound a year salary, plus a room (better: a quarter) and, well, expenses, as in: extra tickets for flights around the globe.

Over the last years those people hiring nannys became the enemy. Nasty, heartless controllfreaks with no real emotional interest in their children, just looking for someone to get rid of them, full time.

Books like " You´ll Never Nanny In This Town Again", about the awful truth of taking care of a movie mogul´s child in Los Angeles, garanteed gossipy insights and threfore became bestsellers.

The movie "The Nanny Diaries" with Scarlett Johansson and Laura Linney tried the same trick but failed - if you want to watch it anyway, take the ten-minutes-clip I took from Youtube, that will do.

The message was: Only bad people hire nannies, good parendts raise children on their own.

But here´s a thing: To hire a nanny is less about being selfish and more about being responsible enough to not trust your own skills.

It is about accepting the help of a professional - as I truely question that certain quality EVERY mummy has inside her, once she gave birth. The more we learn about post natal depression, the more we have to acknoledge that there is no such thing as natural instincts when it comes to treating your children.

I watched at least two dozen children closely while they were growing up - and I would say not more than maybe two of their mothers or fathers did a good job. And I do not blame them at all! I would have made a terible mother!

What I want to say: We should try to get people into our children´s lives as soon as possible, there are more than enough possibilites to get child care if you want to have it.

And forget about : "Child care is so expensive, I would spend all my earning money anyway, so why shouldn´t I stay at home and enjoy my child?" I have heard that argument all my life, especially in Switzerland where Kindergarden fee comes close to hiring a private nanny.

But even a bad movie like "Mary Poppin´s Return" will give you a hint: Education is science not magic, something those Norland nannies are trained for during at least three years.

Don´t you believe in your personal magic - it takes a village to raise a child. You are just living there, too.