Watch | 23. Sep 2020

We Will Always Have Paris

I always had a crush on Paris Hilton. The first time I saw her at a Chanel Cotoure show, she was sitting next to her mother. I think, we are talking about the late Nineties here. Perople were whispering about that Hilton-Hotel heiress and her mother, who was looking as blond and as bad-taste-American as possible.

The girl, also blond, looked cool in an interesting way. As we now know, this must have been shortly after she had spent almost a year at an institution that traumatized her for her whole life. That eyes looked sad then, that much we saw. And her smile already made her a star.

Paris Hilton became the first in many ways. The first influencer, inventing the profession of becoming rich and famous for being just being that. The first female DJ to be hired for a fortune. The first white girl wearing track suits like fancy dresses. A personal brand.

When I watched that new documentary "This is Paris", it felt like walking on memory lane - catapulted back into that aera when there was just her. And sometimes a sidekick, like Nicole Richie. Or Kim Kardashian. Or her sister Nicky.

Speaking of Nicky: During those 90 minutes she kind of translates her sister´s issues to us, in a stunningly open and also very caring way. As a witness and a soulmate for as long as she lives, her life seems to be pretty normal.

Paris Hilton decided to do that movie out of despair, it seems. And though she is who she is, she is not hiding any of her strange habits, like, taping her boyfriend when she is not around, collecting clothes and acceossories she does not even care about, travelling and attenting events as if there is no tomorrow.

Stepping into the life of Paris Hilton, watching her weird relationsships with what seems to be another abusive guy, her pathetic mother, her sad past and empty present, I could not help but have tears in my eyes.

I guess, we cannot come any closer to Marylin Monroe in our times. And as for her, I so wish that some day some prince comes along to save Paris Hilton.

Oh, wait, that is not reasonable: So I´d rather hope for her to feel more of the love people have for her.

As a survivor. And as a beauty, inside and out.