Read | 14. Jul 2020

Those Were The Days, My Friend...

As Zurich´s most wonderful restaurant opened its doors again - we had our first dinners last week - I´d like to remind you of that certain quality of consuming food that no private kitchen will ever match.

To get your reasons why, just read what I had to say before....

Everybody in this picture is smoking. Acutally, the picture looks like advertising all kinds of smoking, the claim might have read: "There are different ways of enjoying your tabacco! Maybe you are an intellectual writer - then a pipe would fit you perfectly. Maybe you are more the novel or play-writer-kind-of-guy? Then a small Havanna might be the right choice. As a young lady, you would always stick with a lean cigarette - looking so very elegant within your small hands."

Those days are over. Some may say: For the better. After all, we are talking about 1961 here.

Max Frisch and his then wife Gertrud Frisch-von Meyenburg, are sitting next to Friedrich Dürrenmatt at a table in Zurich´s most legendary restaurant "Kronenhalle", they are all smoking, obviously after lunch, discussing their correspondence-book, that just was to come out during those days.

I would suggest to get the book (if possible, try to read it in German, but there is also a well translated version in English), then book a table at "Kronenhalle" (late afternoon is my favorite time), have a "Bratwurst" or the famous "Zürcher Geschnetzeltes" and go back in time for an hour or two.

The waiters will love it and will take good care of you.

Photo: Jack Metzger (Courtesy of ETH Library Zurich, Picture Archive)