Watch | 18. Mar 2021

A Backstage-Pass That Makes Your Rainy Day

Thankx to the inspiring newsletter of our friends at I first read about the Manhattan Theatre Group´s streaming project:

And just booked my ticket for the upcoming reading of Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain. The play will stream on demand until coming Sunday, March 21, and feature original stars Patricia Clarkson, favorite Mad Man John Slattery, and Bradley Whitford.

Evan Yionoulis directs the Manhattan Theatre Club presentation.

The reading of Greenberg's acclaimed drama is part of the company's new virtual Curtain Call series, celebrating a variety of shows from its past in new digital productions. That I will follow from here on.

What a lovely way of getting in touch with the theatre again - in a way more intimate and exclusive than live and also soooo much more affordable! Remember when we payed up to 300 Dollars and more to watch a Matinée?

My pint is - there are one or two things Corona changed for the better, wouldn´t it be great, this kind of intimate performances would survive even after all those lockdowns?

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