Checkin | 26. Dec 2021

A Family Affair

Since I can remember Anglo-Saxon Christmas traditions are those I love the most. And even though we normally keep a very German schedule (exchanging presents at Christmas Eve), I got inspired by American and English decoration, food, songs and movies since I started to create a Christmas spirit of my own when growing up.

Looking for more inspiration I tripped over an article about the Hibbert family and Southrop Manor, the "beating heart of Thyme", a hotel, cookery school and spa founded by Caryn Hibbert 15 years ago, along with the Ox Barn restaurant, run by her son Charlie, and the lifestyle brand Bertioli, developed with her daughter, Milly. 

Learn all about this magical place, try the fabolous cocktail and one or two of of their Christmas tree trimming ideas. And maybe plan a visit next spring - if and when borders might get open again.

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