Checkout | 04. Aug 2021

The End Of Mummy´s Dearest

For decades a baby blue box with a white silk ribbon symbolized EVERYTHING.

Handed to you by your boyfriend it meant ENGAGEMENT. Handed to you by your mother-in-law it meant STARTER KIT of a new cutlery set. Handed to you by your boss at your baby shower it meant YOU MIGHT AS WELL NOT COME BACK. And at all other occasions it meant: You are worth a classic design, bought with mediocre effort at a brand that existed since more than 180 years.

Well, Tiffany had had its moments. Starting with Audrey Hepburn´s Holly Golightly and her obsession of the flagship store at Fifth Avenue, when the company discovered its branding power in 1961. In a coming campaign with actress Elle Fanning, the brand commissioned musician ASAP Ferg to remix the song “Moon River,” the theme song of the film.

Another personal moment - at least for me - came when I gave a classic silver bracelet to my son for his sixteen´s birthday, the chunky one with the name tag plate, designed for urban cowboys and rock stars.

Those sixteen year old people - plus some twens as well - are exactly the target the new Tiffany owners want to hit again.

And I have to say: A clean break from the old way of marketing Tiffany may actually be useful.

According to Interbrand, Tiffany is ranked 94th among its top 100 brands, down from 66 in 2015. Since at least 2018, Tiffany has actively tried to steer its marketing efforts towards a younger consumer while doubling down on its heritage.

Now we get an early glimpse on that new marketing profile, a kind of guerilla campaign on posters and instagram, showing young models in an obiviously casual mood wearing Tiffany classics in a different way - NOT LIKE THEIR MOTHERS...

There is already a discussion online about the campain representing a new strategy, many customers are afraid to lose what they loved , claiming they could go and buy different stuff at different brands.

I am personally quite happy about this change of communication. As I lost interest in the brand within the last years. Like my son: I found his bracelet within the depth of his desk one day when I was looking for a Post It..

We will maybe get hooked again - once a younger crowd and cooler testimonials represent a new vision of the brand.

And will happily bid our farewells to Mummy´s Dearest.