Read | 22. Feb 2021

Who Else Feels Depressed, Volume One: Tom Ford

Sometimes it helps to find out that you are not alone. With your fears, your traumas, your addictions.

That is how self-help-groups work - sharing a specific experience by just talking about it in public. Feeling supported by others who fight the same battle.

In fighting Corona virus we are as much on the same page as we are not. Because some of us are privileged and others are not.

I belong to a very privileged group. My husband got his vaccine shots already, because of a specific health condition. We do not have to worry about money. We have a house and we live in the countryside. We have a dog. We love to read, we love to play backgammon, we love to watch movies together. We walk the borders of river Rhine every day and the forrests in the afternoon.

Actually, we love to do anything together. And still: We miss a lot.

What interests me right now is how other, maybe even more privileged people feel about this crisis. Not beause I am cynical or wouldn´t mind about all those who lost a beloved person, a job, who have to struggle with a whole family at home, a sick parent, a completely closed city.

But losing your creative powers, your muscles to write, paint, compose is also tough even when you are financially safe.

So I started to read and listen to interviews where people (maybe more creative than me, but still belonging to the same mind frame) talk openly about their deficits and fears, and I found out: It helped.

Why not start with the American designer Tom Ford and his interview with the "New York Times".