Watch | 25. May 2022

We Didn´t Even Know How Much We Missed Him

You won´t find me adding another one of those raving reviews that overflow the world these last weeks - from "The New Yorker" to " Independent" to "Telegraph" or "Variety" - they all did it brilliantly and made me even more excited to watch the film than I had already been before.

In Germany I missed the voice of late Michael Althen, the beloved film critic who worked for "Süddeutsche Zeitung" first and then "Frankfurter Allgemeine" - Althen invented the praise for movies like "ET" or "Indiana Jones", equivalent to arthouse productions - in times when that was absolutely unthinkable of in the so called serious German media.

Tom Cruise

The sequel "Top Gun: Maverick", 36 years after the original, has it all.

Lady Gaga with antother Oscar- worthy song. Tons of stunts NOT computer generated. Ed Harris. And the one and only Tom Cruise who proves his position as leader of the free movie world. We had no idea how much we missed him. Sorry, Brad, Leo - this guy maybe the last actor wandering the planet with true movie star appeal.

And on top of that: There is a cameo of Val Kilmer in the movie, Tom "Iceman“ Kazansky of "Top Gun", Pete „Maverick“ Mitchell´s toughest competitor, and also the one who got him back on track after a crisis.

He is the only character who makes a comeback - a comeback that is quite emotional because the actor lost his voice due to throat cancer and is not able to perfectly talk anymore. He started to use artifical intelligance, and that little piece of digital technique would become the only computer generated technique Cruise greenlighted.

Watch the documentary "Val" on "Amazon Prime", full of personal video material the actor shot all his life. You might find an actor who faced his biggest challenge and decided to accept it. Even more impressive than learning to fly one of those jets, I suppose.