Watch | 21. Jun 2021

Always Drive On The Darker Side Of The Street

I would suggest you don´t read anything about the movie before you watch it.

Because then you will like both cops in that car. You will follow them on what seemed to be a routine working day as undercover police men: the unexperienced rookie (Ethan Hawke) and the veteran (Denzel Washington). A classic constellation of archaic menhood virtues.

Just think of a narrative that mixes "Heat" with "Reservoire Dogs".

Watching it in pure suspense I was even wondering how I could love Los Angeles so much when knowing what happens when you do not walk on the sunny side of the street.

The only moment you realize how old the movie actually is (release day would have been September 11th 2001, postponed to October the same year) that' s when Snoop Dog enters the scene, so wonderfully young and handsome looking, playing a crack dealer. Other than that you would find the feisty story telling with any of your nowadays Netflix original productions.

And let´s just say: Denzel Washington is probably the best actor alive.