Watch | 08. Jun 2021

The Extra Season

Once every two years there are five seasons instead of four. That is when one of the international football championships is challenging all our schedules and everyone has to manage her or his daily routine around watching the matches.

Will there be sun? Then we will have to find a location outside. With random neighbours at least, hopefully with a group of friends within a larger group of strangers.

Will there be rain? Then we will have to find a place where we are covered while still ourdoorsy enough to allow the smokers to smoke.

During he last European competition I was luckily invited to watch one match live in the stadium: What a treat!!

This time we celebrate to watch matches again under any circumstances.

Because, postponed for one year, we are all happy to get into the groove again of keeping our fingers crossed and screaming our lungs out. Anywhere outdoors will be fine.

And while I am trying to complete my "Panini" album, I am as always looking forward for the first time my all time favorite team will score for the first time.

Who they are and why that is, you can find out in my "Here´s A Thing..." column at this Saturday.