Read | 02. Dec 2020

Not So Easy Riders

It takes my good friend Corey Seymor, the senior editor at Vogue, to make me read something about motorcycles on its always inspiring website. I enjoyed it, although I had an accident as a teenager, that took me to the hospital for more than three months.

From then on I rarely trusted anybody to take me on the back of their bike, let alone would I ever think about trying to ride one myself.

Well, I still don´t .

But when reading Corey´s story about starting to ride a bike in his late forties (and as a devoted family man, a father of two), I could not help but wonder, if there would be something, burried deep down in my heart, I would rather love to start (again)?

And guess what: Today I met a woman, leading her horse through our river landscape. We started to talk and I ended up getting the address of her stables. Where I will meet my new riding instructor next week, to get back in the saddle after more than ten years.

Thanks for the inspiration, Corey!