Read | 27. Dec 2020

All You Want To Know About One Star Who Fell Off Fashion Heaven

Two days before Christmas fashion world came to a hold in deep shock: Stella Tennant - one of the most respected and beloved models ever, had died under what we now know as extremely sad circumstances.

For me the noble Scotswoman was one of the most impressive characters of fashion´s most interesting aera, when attitude was so much more important than simple beauty. At that time modelling became a job with creative qualities, designers as well as photographers relied on talented personalities like Stella (or Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell or Karen Elson) to transform single collections into ground breaking cultural game changer. That way, they were true influencers.

I have read so many kind words about Stella Tennant over the last weeks, If you did not have the chance: Hamish Bowles´very personal obituary says it all.

Picure taken from that article

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