Read | 20. Jun 2021

Fallen Angels

What the hell were we thinking?

How on earth did we for so many years celebrate a fashion show full of half naked women more exposed than any Playboy-bunny, their bodies pumped and stream-lined like our mothers´childhood Barbies - following the rules of a body image that has been disdained now for many years already.

A show like a beauty pageant of any mature woman´s nightmare, as if designed for dirty old men.

With models like Heidi Klum who named her breasts"Hans und Franz" and judges her men by their visible "packages" who made her whole career of showing rather more than less. But also so called runway-only top models started to walk that walk of shame - an we, the audience of editors next to actors and socialites, treated the show as an espeially smart act of womens´s lib.

On the verge of a new era with diverse types of woman modelling, go read Vaness Friedman´s analysis of that phenomenom called "Victoria´s Secret".

Because we were the most important part of the company´s success, cheerleading those shows and their protagonists.

And therefore supporting their products for the longest time.