Checkout | 13. Nov 2020

New Perspectives On A Very Sexy Christmas Indeed

May I say, that I never understood any of the hype around "Victoria´s Secret"? How a mediocre underwear brand became the hot shit for staging a runway show as if it was 1962 at Hugh Hefner´s "Playboy Mansion"?

As I am NOT blessed with the body of any of those girls I never went for any of their merchandise. I thought it was tacky, without any class, not for me or any other woman I would respect.

What a differnce a campaign makes.

For their traditional "Christmas Collection" the underwear company hired my favorite photographer Cass Bird, famous for her natural looking portraits - may her motives be top-models, actresses or very normal people. Kind of the female power answer to the visual language of Bruce Weber.

She produced a series of pictures that first of all showed women, when they would actually wear those panties and bras - at home. And second of all she chose the most diverse looking beauties I ever saw in any lingerie camapign.

They come in all ages, colours and seizes - and they look just phantastic.

So, this Christmas may be the first ever, I put a Victoria´s Secret bra onto my wishlist. Santa, Santa, please, put it down the chimney tonight...