Checkout | 15. Sep 2022

Pieces Of A Past Perfection

Jean-Luc Godard died this week and my Instagram account was packed with pieces from his break-through film "Breathless". Not really my favorite, even though I can see the quality of newness in it. But at the end it is the boring story of two not really interesting people. Also: I never really cared that much about Jean Seberg and her pixie haircut.

"Contempt" was my persoal favorite Godard movie - with Brigitte Bardot at the peek of her exceptional beauty. And a location I always adored: Villa Malaparte on the island of Capri.

Planned and finally designed by Italian filmmaker, writer, and public intellectual Kurt Erich Suckert—best known by his pseudonym Curzio Malaparte—the Casa Malaparte has a bumpy history. Constructed on a piece of land that was never thought to be a building site Malaparte managed to get the allowance via his good relationships with the Mussolini regime and the fascist movement.

Inspired by the austerity of both classical architecture and modernism, he built a sculptural space that he completed with simple but refined furniture. Re-creations of those eclectic pieces - from slab-cut tables to marble benches - along with Malaparte’s notes and sketches, come to Gagosian this week.

Check it out at Gagosian in New York, at Park Avenue and the corner of 74th Street or at least go online to

You might love Jean Luc Godard even more.