Checkin | 07. May 2020

Visit The World At Home - Episode Three: Bürgenstock And Vierwaldstättersee

When we went to Vierwaldstättersee last week on a deceitful weather forecast; we wanted to go uphill to Bürgenstock, the magic little mountain Audrey Hepburn loved so much. She got married here to her first husband Mel Ferrer, who's friend owned the hotel back then. The couple stayed for more than nine years, their son was born and first raised here.

Due to foggy rains, and the closed new "Biorkenstock Resort" - that did not look very inviting anyway - we just enjoyed the spectacular views for a minute and then went down to the lake at the shores of a little town called Stansstad.

Here you will find the nicest walks along the water, a wonderful, old fashioned swimming pool and a rowing club, once everything opens up again.

But, alas, you will find none of the spirits that made Audrey Hepburn once fall in love with the place. The investors from Quatar that now run the place up hill made that perfectly clear.