Checkin | 13. May 2020

Visit The World At Home - Episode Four: The Rheinfall At Schaffhausen

As we are living in a beautiful small town at the river Rhine, all places situated at its shores became targets of interest. We walk almost daily from one village to the other and during this very special times it is kind of touching, whenever the river happens to be also the border to Germany and therefore out of reach right now.

Like in Kaiserstuhl, our hometown.

When we went to Schaffhausen, we had to make a detour: normally we would drive through a bit of Germany to get there quite fast, now we had to take a different road to not have to cross any borders. And found some more beautiful river banks on our way.

The Rhine fall itself is impressive, of course, but to be honest, it´s like with all of these sights you have seen on postcards, photos, movies - you have kind of seen it already, before you see it for the first time live.

I would suggest to still go there when all facilities are open again, rent a boat to go closer to the falling waters and have a coffee while watching it in one of the now still closed restaurants. In a way, it is like a sentimental journey, to a time when travelling experiences were much more moderate.

For people like my grandparents foreign continents were reserved for explorers, nobody would go to Bali for a honeymoon or travel to the Bahamas for spring break. To go skiing in the Swiss alps or to summer in Austrian health resorts were the thing to do, and if you wanted to swim in the sea, you went to the islands in front of the German part of the Northern sea.

So a trip down the river Rhine was a long-weekend classic - with Schaffhausen as its highlight.

Maybe we have to open our minds again for the small world we actually forgot about. Even when the rest of the planet is at our disposal again.