Checkin | 30. Apr 2020

Visit The World At Home - Episode Two: Emmental

This week we went to Emmental, into the beautiful area of a little (by Swiss values) mountain called "Napf" - recommended as one of the hike-eldorados with spectacular views and a singular solitude. The ride on Switzerland´s Grand Tour Route was an experience by itself, through tiny villages, along lonesome countryroads, slowly leading from lower hills up to flower-filled valleys with farmhouses, only here and then.

When we finally arrived, Kelly was pretty excited to learn more about those landscapes, while my husband, due to be under equipped for the chilly temperatures, now up on more than 1000 meters above sea level, stayed at our final destination, a beautiful restaurant called "Mettlenalp", offering the simple pleasures of home made cheeses and self made bread - although: Closed right now like everything else in Switzerland regarding the lockdown rules - until May 5th that is (one of the reason we will definitely come back).

So Kelly and I went alone together up hill on one of the shorter hikes, 300 more meters to climb, anyway, and it was worth every second. Would have loved to walk further on, even take one of the round-hill-hikes - but a waiting husband combined with not really perfect sneakers, made Kelly and me come back only after one hour.

Just have in mind to really bring hiking boots and sun protection - the one thing I underestimated is how the heights affect the power of sunlight, even on a cloudy day, I was much more tanned than I expected later that day, on our way back.