Read | 08. Aug 2021

Another Vogue - But Not Just Another Magazine

There are many voices speaking of the death of print. As a matter of fact the mother company of VOGUE international, Condé Nast, has just been letting go staff all over the world of those magazines they are controlling; people start to talk about the end of fashion magazines as we knew them.

And maybe they are right.

Printing magazines that support an industry responsible for a huge amount of waste regarding the product they are featuring has become a dirty business, close to tabacco or plastic packaging, not to mention eating animals.

And now, a brandnew magazine features the icon of sustainability on its first cover, and if you take a closer look: they have all the right to do so.

First of all: Greta Thunberg is allowed to speak as open as she wants about fashion and its responsibility.

Second of all, the magazine follows all the modern rules, not using plastic packing nor classic distribution; you can only buy the issues via their online shop to allow the Scandinavian publisher to just produce as many magazines as possible to keep control of the amount of issues not sold.

So far publishers delivered more than double the number of magazines to newsstands to guarantee awareness - leaving the disposal of the rest to the newsstands.

Also: The magazine I just ordered comes wrapped in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging, created in collaboration with Helsinki-based company Stora Enso. The collectors’ edition also comes in a series of specially designed cases, inspired by Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. “As you know, single-use plastic is a big problem for the ecosystem,” edior Martina Bonnier says. “It's been banished from many retailers in the world, which made me think that we, in the media industry, should follow suit and aim to eliminate problematic plastic in magazine packaging.” 

I am already hooked. And that is not only for the strong sustainability statement - but also by that classic scoop the editorial team lined up for:

Who would have thought that the young woman who seemed so clearly not interested in any kind of fashion or lifestyle, underlining her statements by a personal look that never ever came from desginer´s racks, would become a cover girl of the world´s most popular fashion bible?

How I wish this magazine becomes enormously successful and proves all those wrong who hide their uninspiring work behind lame excuses: print is NOT dead as long as smart people keep it alive.