Read | 06. Jul 2021

Fly Me To The Moon - Finally...

There is not that much space in a space capsule. So you´d better choose your company carefully.

As did Jeff Bezos when asking Wally Funk to join him on his first ride - maybe as a great PR stunt, but at its core, as a gift to a woman who had all the skills but still the wrong gender when hoping to become an astronaut some fifty years ago.

Have a look at Bezos´s instagram to watch her in all her joy when asked about how it would feel to finally become an astronaut: she throws her arms around him and bursts out “I would say, ‘Honey, that was the best thing that ever happened to me!’”

As The Atlantic wrote: "Bezos is a billionaire, made rich by a company that has come to dominate American life—a man who some people would prefer not return to Earth after his trip beyond the atmosphere. But Funk is, by all accounts, a badass—as Nelson put it, “the sort of woman who, if history had been kinder, might have been the first woman on the moon.” The rules of space travel in what we often describe as NASA ’s golden age wouldn’t allow it, but the rules of space travel today, with its private rockets and eccentric billionaires, do."

If only more of other eccentric billionaires´ money would be spend more wisely - what a wonderful world it would be.