Checkin | 30. Jun 2020

Corona Or No Corona: A Wedding Should Always Be A Very Private Thing

All women magazines seem to be talking about these days are weddings that will not happen as planned: With tons of people, inviting long forgotten relatives and friends from both parties that might be alienated since forever. Throwing a lavish ballnight, having a big band or an exclusively booked famous dj entertaining a crowd that might be organised like a military operation.

I have to say - I never liked those events, even when I was close to the bride or groom. You could not talk that much to them anyway, they seemed occupied with all kind of duties, planned by their wedding planner.

While there are already legendary examples of couples who tied the knot within a very private ceremony, only accompanied by their honestly dear family and friends. Like Carolyn Bessette and John Kennedy Jr, who went to the private chapel on a little island twenty miles off the coast of Georgia, that nobody had heard about before - especially none of the media.

To carry out this plan they had to hurt a lot of people that expected to be invited - but then again: There were so many of them that they formed a very special group in themselves - the "Should-Have-Invites" to the wedding of the decade.

Then there was that final scene of "Sex And The City - The Movie" when Carrie resized her wedding from a crowd of a few hundred New Yorkers down to just the two of them - her eternal love "Mr.Big" and herself at City Hall - her besties joining them for an informal lunch after the ceremony.

The wedding of two friends in Florence (the bride´s favourite place) was one I will always remember: Just my husband and me joining them as best man and maid of honour. We strolled the streets the night before, ice-cream-cons in our hands, spent the afternoon after the ceremony at the hotel pool and had another simple dinner before the happy couple left for their honeymoon on Sardinia´s Costa Smeralda.

And then there was our own wedding.

We tied the knot in Zurich - the officials of its city hall as our witnesses - the week after my birthday in November and took the night flight to New York, where we stayed for three romantic days and nights - after all, New York was our happy place when we first fell in love.

Then we went to the Bahamas, what would have been MY dream since forever, and spent another wonderful week on Harbour Island, in an almost deserted hotel, on beaches that belonged only to us.

Where we took this selfie, long before these kind of photos became a thing, with a simple pocket camera to prove how happy we were, to share that picture with our extended family (alienated friends and long forgotten relatives as well) - and this was it.

May I say: This might be the recipe fo a long lasting relationship? After all we are together now more for almost thirty years.

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