Listen | 07. Jan 2020

Meet Me At Widder Hotel in Zurich - My Second Podcast

This time I met Swiss designer Anna Meier, a very special young woman - especially, as her family´s company fascinates me, since I moved to Switzerland after having met my husband, some thirty years ago.

Her mother Monique Meier had then already founded En Soie, a shop that sold findest Swiss craftsmanship - right across the tiny cobblestone street from the place where nine buildings, as old as hers, would become Widder Hotel .

Next to precious silk, clothes, scarfs and all kinds of accessories made from this classic Zurich garment - Monique also offered silver ware and ceramics, inspired by her trips to India and South America. Some art directional appeal was added by her husband, Dieter Meier, who besides founding the band Yello (and by this randomly revolutionizing the international music world), also helped "En Soi" with graphics and images, elements from his past as a conceptional artist.

Anna Meier, together with her sisters Eleonore and Sophie, grew up above the shop and from a very early time started to get interested in the arts of designing as well as into the confidence of a self made woman; they also used the Widder Hotel construction site as a playground.

Our conversation jumps back and forth between Anna´s upbringing in Zurich´s old town, her heritage and her special connection with music and art - but also about the specific future, her sisters and herself have in mind with one of Zurich´s landmark concept stores.