Checkin | 19. Dec 2019

Winter Wonder La-La-Land

You live in a galaxy far, far away, like, Berlin or Paris or London? But you have heard rumors of lonely white plains, where you can ski, hike, snowboard or even just sit in front of a lake, the most marvelous panorama at the horizon?

Let me tell you this: there are fairytales that just come true. In Engadin, that is.

We will go there for Christmas holidays and I just cannot wait! Even though, there are even more perfect times, like, late February or even March, when there is as much sun as there is soft snow to "shoosh-shoosh-shoosh" down hill....

Do not forget to take some extra protecting underwear by "Uniqlo" and special treats (like Dr. Barbara Sturms "Ski Cream") for your skin, because the temperature might fall deeply below zero. I would even recommend to bring some gear for evening nights in front of an open fire, like my favorite hut shoes from Austrian store "Loden-Plankl" in Vienna.

And whenever you walk your dog in this silent world, listen to your heart and remind yourself of enjoying that very moment. And instead of another selfie, go and get a postcard in the village store or from your concierge and write to yourself - the one, back home in its galaxy, far, far away.