Checkout | 01. Feb 2022

My Daily Dosis

I started the new year with an non-alcohol regime - and a brandnew addiction. Because since I have read about it in "The Telegraph" some weeks ago I need my daily dosis of "Wordle".

It is a simple but very challenging word game, designed by a guy named Josh Wardle (its name is a pun), British-born software engineer . His wife, Palak Shah, is a fan of word games – particularly the New York Times crossword and Spelling Bee – so with spare time in lockdown, he decided to create a new one for her.

And unlike most things on the internet, there doesn’t seem much harm in it. Wardle created the game end of September 2021, by November already 90.000 followed him. And now I am one in group of two million....

"Wordle" is a free game in which users guess a five-letter word. If a letter from your guess isn’t in the word, that letter will turn grey. If it does feature, it’ll turn yellow. If it’s in the word and in the right position, it’ll turn green. You get six attempts, and that’s really all you need to know.

Oh, what else: I am only one in a Million who is hooked - and this week "The New York Times" bought the rights and added "Worlde" to their collection of puzzles, gathering probably millions users more within the next weeks.

If you must know: Only once I did not make it. And another time I needed the help of my family. Because I am not a native speaker sometimes I do not get the spelling right. You´ll notice below when today it took me one step too many to get my wordle right.