Listen | 17. May 2022

Partners In Crime

Here´s to my German speaking audience. As I am into podcasts since about ten years, I really listened to lots of different concepts. And I have to say: next to news I dig interesting interviews the most. I hate comedy, even more: funny interviews. I love to learn more about things, may it be political backgrounds or science or biographies.

I love certain people who do a great job moderating, news anchors, actors - and I cannot stand those who love to talk about their own mediocre life more than asking her exciting interview partner about theirs.

Over the years there were podcasts I followed religiously - and others I tried after I read about them only to drop them quickly.

A lot of podcasts come from other media - nearly every magazine offers something you can listen to these days. So you might listen to a "Vogue" cover story (most of them poorly performed, I have to say) while ironing your shorts or watering your tulips. I tried several more, mostly disappointing, people have to learn that not every reportage/essay/comment makes a good podcast.

BUT: There is one magazine podcast I stumbled upon because a good friend founded the magazine - ZEIT Verbrechen. A magazine full of crime stories.

When I listened to the podcast, I got hooked from episode one. A conversation between Sabine Rückert (editor of "Die Zeit", also co-founder of the magazine, with a history of writing crime stories) and Andreas Sentker about a crime and its backgrounds.

And I have to say: it is fantastic! Perfect for long walks through the woods, endless lines at airports and where ever. As Rückert and Sentker are an experienced team they always succeed in keeping you in the loop, by building tension and also beining opinionated.

There are guests, mostly writers of certain crime cases who have more making-of-details and also strong opinions. Like, the latest podcast about an arsonist woman and introduced by Stephan Lebert, that very friend and still literally "Partner in Crime" of the magazine.

There are also live performances now and then you might love to attend - but htose are sold out in a minute. If you care - follow ZEIT Verbrechen on instagram to get your updates.